Preparing Your Lawn for the Hurricane Season

If you have been a long-time Tallahassee, FL, resident or even if you are relatively new to the Sunshine State, you are probably well aware that the Atlantic hurricane season is serious business. Homes and offices need to be prepared for the possibility of heavy rains, flooding, and all of the other side effects of tropical storms and hurricanes making landfall from the Atlantic Ocean.

An important aspect of hurricane season preparation that many overlooked is making sure your lawn and landscaping is ready for the hurricanes as well. Young trees, for example, can only handle so much water in their root systems, and diseased or decaying branches will not be able to withstand the pressure of high winds. A hurricane has the potential to wreak havoc on not only your home or office building but also on your lawn.

At ProLawns in Tallahassee, FL, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional lawn care services to residents and business owners in  Tallahassee and the surrounding areas. As a part of our commitment to excellence in the lawn care industry, the experts at ProLawns want to help Florida homeowners and businesses prepare their yards for hurricane season.

Why Make Lawn Maintenance a Part of Your Hurricane Preparedness Plan

While everyone wants to have pristine-looking lawns throughout the entire year, lawn care maintenance also needs to incorporate preparation for severe weather. When a storm hits or a hurricane makes landfall, homeowners will be very glad that they took steps to prevent serious damage to their lawns.

Safety is a primary concern during a hurricane, and the items in and around a Florida lawn may be the source of damage to property as well as people. During heavy winds, it is very common for items from the lawn to end up swirling around in the area because they have no wind resistance.

Items such as wind chimes, yard decorations, hanging baskets, bird feeders, compost bins, patio furniture, small potted plants, and other yard debris often become flying debris. When you prepare your yard and other structures for a named storm and its potential hazards, you and your neighbors will be thankful.

Tips for Preparing Your Lawn for Hurricane Season

Those homeowners who have done little planning in regards to their yards for hurricane season may risk serious damage to their homes and loved ones. Here are some top tips from our certified arborist on ways to prepare your lawn for hurricane season in Tallahassee, FL.

Check for Dead Branches on Trees and Shrubs

Dead tree branches cannot withstand serious winds that accompany a storm or hurricane. You should examine your trees and shrubs for decayed, damaged, and dead branches and then remove them. Likewise, dead trees should be removed. Healthy branches should be left alone, even on large trees or new trees, but proper trimming can be done if power lines are at risk.

Remove Loose Items like Potted Plants and Yard Decor

When you prepare your yard for the oncoming storm, you need to see any yard decorations and container plants as you would any other debris. If it can be easily picked up by high winds, it needs to be removed from the yard. From potted plants to lawn gnomes and everything in between, these have the potential to become projectiles during the storm.

Check Storm Drains and Turn Off Sprinklers

Any debris that may be blocking your storm drains needs to be removed prior to the storm so that water from the hurricane has a place to go rather than causing more flooding. Standing water from a blocked storm drain can loosen the root system and cause trees to collapse.

In addition to the storm drain issue, sprinklers and other irrigation systems should be turned off. There will be plenty of water from the storm, and any additional water from the sprinklers will simply add to the stress on plant root systems.

Clean Your Rain Gutters

Any excess debris in your gutters has the potential to block the flow of water from your property into drainage areas and cause an increase in standing water. Also, be sure the gutters are properly attached to the house so that they do not become projectiles during the storm as well.

Cut Down Coconuts from Palm Trees but Be Careful with the Fronds

Much like other items in your yard that can be swept up by hurricane winds, coconuts can be easily torn from palms and thrown around the neighborhood with force. Removing coconuts from the trees is a great way to prevent property damage and bodily harm.

Also, if you have a palm tree on your property, prune it carefully and be sure not to remove healthy fronds. Be sure the fronds are completely brown before pruning them. Otherwise, this can be detrimental to the health of palm trees.

Get Your Pruning Done Early

The sooner you prune your trees, the less likely it is that you will have tree branches in your yard to deal with when the storm arrives. We recommend pruning at the beginning of the storm season or just before it starts so that the debris can be picked up before the first hurricane develops.

Have a Plan for Large Outdoor Items

If you have any large outdoor items that cannot be removed from the yard or placed in a safe area like a garage, you need to have a plan for them. Tie them down or figure out a storage system for patio furniture, concrete items, and other large objects.

Contact Our Tallahassee, FL, Lawn Care Specialists

If you are a resident or business owner in Tallahassee, FL, and need a professional lawn care team for your landscaping, look no further than ProLawns. We can assist you during the stressful time of hurricane season by helping you to prepare your yard for the storms. Our team can also provide you with cleanup, tree services, and maintenance services as well as dealing with any flood problems.

Contact us today to learn more about how hurricanes and storms can affect your lawn and to take advantage of our 20+ years of experience in the lawn care industry.

From care for the tree roots to regular lawn maintenance and everything in between, ProLawns is here for Tallahassee residents and business owners.


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