Guide to Tallahassee Landscape Design Rules and Regulations

Florida is a beautiful US state. It has many incredible natural spaces, flora, and fauna. However, due to the influx of invasive species and pollution, Florida’s nature is in danger. 

Thus, residents of the state of Florida and the city of Tallahassee must follow specific landscaping rules to protect Florida’s natural areas. Both the state of Florida and the city of Tallahassee have specific landscape design rules to help.

Today, we will discuss what landscaping rules you must follow in Tallahassee. Despite these rules, however, you can still easily create a beautiful landscape with landscaping services in Tallahassee from ProLawns.

Residential Landscaping

Though residential landscaping has fewer regulations, landscape design rules still apply. The three main categories of rules you should follow include: 

  • Protecting bodies of water 
  • Preserving local flora and fauna
  • Being mindful of accessory structures

Keep in mind that the land development code mentions that you must preserve the natural beauty in developed areas. Therefore, there are aesthetic guidelines your front yard must follow. 

These regulations consist of keeping your yard tidy. You could receive a penalization if your yard is unsightly. One of the best ways to keep your yard both looking elegant is through asymmetrical balance. 

You must also prevent damage or nuisance to your neighbor’s yard. For example, if your tree has branches that extend into the neighbor’s yard, they can trim the branches up to the property line. 

Protecting Bodies of Water 

Diverting pollution, pesticides, and fertilizers is a prime example of Florida landscaping customs. The Tallahassee land development code states that residents must minimize transportation of pollutants to natural bodies of water. 

It is also essential to install proper runoff management systems that connect to the regional stormwater management system. Such systems prevent further pollution to the sensitive Florida waters and wetlands.

Preserving Local Flora and Fauna

The land development code encourages keeping trees and vegetation. You also cannot remove a tree that may somehow benefit the community, environment, or city’s canopy. Finally, you must provide a habitat for endangered and native species. 

The code also states that native plant groupings such as trees and vegetation need replenishing when starting a landscaping project. At ProLawns, we make sure that we complete landscaping jobs with a variety of plants to adhere to these guidelines. 

Being Mindful of Accessory Structures

FEMA states that accessory structures are not attached to the principal structure (house). Some examples of said accessory structures include: 

  • Gazebos
  • Boathouses
  • Sheds
  • Picnic pavilions
  • Swimming pools
  • And more

Accessory structures must adhere to a few regulations. They cannot stand ten feet from any property line, nor can you build them in the front or side corner yards. They require a concept development plan and must stand six feet away from other structures. 

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping is more complex than residential, as businesses are often dealing with significantly more waste and larger areas. Thus, businesses must adhere to residential regulations and more. 

For example, new developments cannot use land that the owner must clear of native vegetation or rehabilitation projects. Also, if you build a trash enclosure, you must enclose it with three six-foot walls and a gate. 

To find out more about commercial landscaping regulations, contact ProLawns.

City-Approved Landscaping in Tallahassee, FL

If you’d like to learn more about landscaping regulations, such as whether mowing lawns at night is illegal, check out the ProLawns Lawn Care Solutions blog.

ProLawns can also help you either redo or start a new landscaping project. We know the land development code, and our gardening plans and landscaping jobs always follow these regulations. Call us at (850) 294-1363 to start a city-approved project today. 


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