Can You Landscape in the Winter: What You Need to Know

Winter is a challenging period to maintain your landscape. The rain and grime can make it overwhelming to keep your property looking attractive. However, you shouldn’t give up. 

Can you landscape in the winter if you have the right tools? Absolutely. 

The landscaping service professionals in Tallahassee are here to give you the right tips to keep your landscape in excellent shape. With a bit of help from ProLawns Lawn Care Solutions, you will set your garden up for success once spring and summer come. 

Winter Landscape Care 

With the right skills, knowledge, and equipment, anyone can do landscaping in winter. Here are some of the essential landscaping tips to keep in mind. 

Know Your Zone 

Every Tallahassee homeowner should know the hardiness zone or geographic area with a certain range or minimum temperature relevant to the survival of many plants. The U.S. The Department of Agriculture revealed a climate map that can help you choose which plants are best for the winter months in your region. 

Continue Watering 

No matter how cold the weather is outside, you shouldn’t neglect watering turf, trees, and shrubs. When the temperatures drop, many stop maintaining landscaping features. However, the need for water and nutrients doesn’t go away when the weather is cold. 

Neglecting your lawn, trees, and flowers can result in dehydration and disease susceptibility. 

Cover Thin Trees 

If you have thin or young trees on your lawn, it is essential to protect them from wind and heavy rain. The best way to protect them is to put a light-colored wrapping around your trees. 

Fertilize Your Lawn 

Whether it is a mild or cold winter in Tallahassee, your lawn needs appropriate nutrients and fertilizers, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Once the temperatures start dropping, you should fertilize your lawn and help your turf and plants grow green and rich in the spring. 

Keep Grass Short 

The cool season in Tallahassee lasts for less than three months, from December to the end of February, with an average temperature of 69°F. The coldest month is January, with an average low temperature of 41°F. As you slowly head into winter, it is essential to cut the grass shorter, or between 1-2 inches than usual. 

A short turf reduces disease and prevents pests from creating nests in the grass as the colder months approach. 

Consider Bark and Berries 

When considering what to plant in your lawn for easier landscape maintenance in the winter months, you can’t go wrong with trees with textured bark. Dogwood and birch are some of the best options for winter landscaping, whether you want to use them for decor or to keep your property cool in the summer. 

Crabapple trees are also an option worth considering. With adequate watering, they can retain their fruit in winter. Holly is another winter plant, but it is challenging for residential properties due to the toxic berries. 

Consider Winter-Blooming Flowers 

There is a flower for every season, and winter is not an exception. When it comes to winter landscaping, it is easier for homeowners if they choose flowers and plants that bloom in colder temperatures. 

Some of the best winter-blooming flowers are daphne, winter jasmine, kaffir lilies, sweet alyssum, Christmas roses, violets, and honey wort. You can also try Oregon grape, Lenten roses, and snowdrops. 

Call ProLawns Lawn Care Solutions for Professional Assistance 

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