5 Forbidden Landscaping Mistakes to Remember

There is no denying that landscaping is fun, and as such, it is easy for homeowners to get carried away with landscaping projects. You might be guilty of this since there are simply too many resources to take inspiration from online, from Instagram to Pinterest. Professional landscaping takes a practiced and careful eye.

As Tallahassee’s premier landscaping services, ProLawns Lawn Care Solutions knows how to create an outdoor space that works best with your budget and vision, as well as Tallahassee’s unique climate.

What to Consider Before Starting a Landscaping Project

By knowing what you want ahead of time, you can avoid common landscaping mistakes that will waste your time and money.

  1. Budget: before you begin your landscape project, you will need to know your budget for the project. If you have a firm budget, you can work around meeting your goal. Having a flexible budget will give you more options.
  2. Theme: knowing the theme you want for your outdoor space will help you choose the right decor and layout. Whether you want something rustic and homey, or clean and sleek, you can find the best decor to optimize the space.
  3. Maintenance requirements: all landscaping requires maintenance, but you will need to decide how much time and effort you want to invest in maintaining the beauty of your space.
  4. Plans for the space: finally, you need to know how you will regularly use the outdoor space you have. Do you want a large garden to grow vegetables or somewhere to host events? Keep utilization in mind when planning your landscaping.

5 Major Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Consider these factors when landscaping your front yard or while planning a garden.

1.     Not Taking Plant Growth into Consideration

When choosing plants for your garden, you might become too focused on choosing plants for their color, appearance, or use that you forget to account for growth. Choosing fast-growing species means that, in a few short years, you might end up with overly-dense vegetation in your garden or too close to the house.

2.     Crowding Your Space with Too Many Decorations

While choosing and placing garden ornaments can be fun, there is such a thing as too much. There will be a point when your ornaments, no matter how beautiful they look, just become clutter. The point of these ornaments is to enhance the natural beauty of your garden, not take away from it.

3.     Improper Grass Maintenance

Keeping your lawn and soil healthy means that you need to mow the grass regularly. While short grass does look nice and neat, too much mowing can damage the roots and cause soil erosion. In general, keeping the grass trimmed to around 2-3 inches in height is the best way to go. Also, be sure your irrigation system is timed to keep your grass in good health.

4.     Not Trimming Shrubs and Hedges

Shrubs and hedges are beautiful additions to any landscaping project, but you should also make sure that they are kept trimmed. Neglecting to prune your shrubs and hedges can cause your garden to look dirty and unkempt.

5.     Forgetting Lighting

As with lawn ornaments, lighting is there to accentuate the beauty of your garden. Use lighting to draw attention to focal points and illuminate areas where you will regularly stay. Exterior lighting is essential for good home improvement and landscaping.

Bring Your Dream Outdoor Space to Life

A beautiful outdoor space is a perfect complement to any home. Avoid landscaping mistakes by hiring the professionals at ProLawns Lawn Care Solutions in Tallahassee, FL. Learn more about landscape design rules by reaching out to our expert team today at 850-294-1363.


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