Is It Illegal to Mow Your Lawn at Night?

As a busy homeowner, you might need to be more creative when scheduling cutting your grass. You may even wonder whether there are legal restrictions on when you can do yard work. For example, is it illegal to mow at night? 

The lawn service professionals from ProLawns Lawn Care Solutions have compiled the following brief guide to answer this question. 

When Is It Illegal to Mow Your Lawn? 

Few states deal with this issue directly, so technically, the law allows you to choose the best time to mow. However, this may become a tricky issue depending on how loud your lawnmower is. 

Your neighbors could file a noise complaint against you, depending on the time. The police will then investigate, and you could face fines or criminal charges. The exact timeframe and noise level may vary from one jurisdiction to another, so it’s wise to check this with your authorities. 

In most jurisdictions, the ordinances also differ on weekends, so be sure to confirm these hours as well. Some areas might, for example, limit noise between 9 pm and 7 am on a Tuesday and 8 pm to 8 am on a Saturday. 

Generally, however, mowing in the late hours of the evening or early hours of the morning could be seen as a public or private nuisance. In the first case, you’ll face fines. In the second case, your neighbors could file a civil suit against you for the noise. 

How to Avoid Trouble

You can avoid trouble in several ways. 

Speak to Your Neighbors

If you and your neighbors get on well, discussing the matter with them may prove fruitful. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that maintaining an amicable relationship may entail some compromise on your part. 

Consider Investing in a Manual Reel Mower

These mowers are inexpensive and quiet to operate. They do require more effort on your part, so they are not suitable for large properties. The primary downside of this option is that it takes longer to cut your grass. 

Also, even with a manual mower, the question, “Is it illegal to mow your lawn at night?” still applies. Some ordinances prohibit only electric or gas mowers at night, while others ban all types. 

Consider Buying an Electric Mower

A gas mower can be up to eight times louder than an electric mower. A muffler may reduce the noise difference, but electric options still come out on top. 

Leaving It to the Professionals

Mowing the lawn at night may prove dangerous. You will be less able to see stones and tripping hazards in the grass. Wearing adequate safety equipment can provide a level of protection, but it won’t protect sprinkler heads and other garden tools. 

The low-light conditions may also make it difficult to achieve an even cut. Investing in a good outdoor lighting system could help you overcome these issues, but you may still have to contend with wet grass. 

This not only increases the chances of the mower slipping, but you could also damage the grass. If you cut it in the early morning when the dew accumulates on the leaves, you risk the mower causing the grass to clump and rip. 

Hiring a professional team allows you to overcome these difficulties and avoid legal issues. You can schedule the cutting at a time convenient to both you and your neighbors and save yourself some effort. 

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